Privately Held

Lotus Mountain, 1972

SKU: 11189

Signed and titled on the reverse, and iscribed: Jung symbols…..

Acrylic on canvas

Height: 42.5cm
Width: 42cm


The Henri Gallery, Washington D.C

Exhibited: The Henri Gallery, Washington DC

The painting retains an exhibition label from the Henri Gallery, Washington, DC. The Henri Gallery was the preeminent gallery in DC. During the third quarter of the 20th century featuring up and coming artists many associated with the “Color Field” school in DC.

This painting appears to relate to and possibly was part of 22 Others –  a conceptual art project created by Mary Beth Edelson between 1971 and 1973 with the intention to both expand the artist’s connections with her community by inviting others into her art making process and experimenting with Carl Jung’s construct of the collective unconscious

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