Hidden Gems II: Windows

In this week’s edition of Hidden Gems, Liss Llewellyn are delighted to unveil Windows. The window as a subject has long inspired artists. It is also a theme that feels rather pertinent of late, and a number of images in this selection show the artist looking outwards from windows as we are confined to our own, respective homes.

There are the studio views of Hubert Arthur Finney (1905-1991) and Karl Hagedorn (1889-1969), as well as the painting by John Moody (1906-1993), who uses the vantage point from his first floor residence to depict Brunswick Square. It is a rather sleepy rendering of this popular Bloomsbury site, with a dog walker and horse-drawn carriages among the only visible staffage. This is also a view that would change in September of that very year, as Moody’s house and the Square were damaged in the first wave of Blitz bombings. Thus the picture forms an unlikely counterpoint to the blown-out windows of Denys Wells’ (1881-1973) First World War oil.

Like Wells, there are various other artists in this group who look at, and not out of windows. There is Tirzah Garwood (1908-1951), whose House at Great Bardfield was part of a series of captivating images she produced of local Essex dwellings. Charles Mahoney’s (1903-1968) Greenhouse Interior calls to mind the work of Garwood’s husband, Eric Ravilious, and in particular his Cyclamen and Tomatoes (1935) from the collection of the Tate Gallery.

Other works in this campaign have a more Surrealist flavour, and the views they show are otherworldly and fantastical. Windows of course were a key part of the Surrealist vocabulary, often utilised by artists such as Dali, Magritte, and Leonora Carrington. Gerald Leet (1913-1998) was on the fringes of the British Surrealist group, and his Yellow and Pink Lilies which achieves such bold colour with tempera demonstrates his mastery in this style. The idiosyncratic work of David Evans (1929-1988) further compounds this note by introducing dreams and collage: another subject and technique both associated with Surrealism.

Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

Tirzah Garwood-Ravilious (1908 - 1951)
House at Great Bardfield, 1945
Claude Francis Barry (1883 - 1970)
ICI FactoryMidnight oils, (535), 1959
Douglas Percy Bliss (1900 - 1984)
Parson looking for his keys, 1933
Barnett Freedman (1901 - 1958)
Street Scene at Night
Bernard Dunstan (1920 - 2017)
Interior: The Byam Shaw School
Hubert Arthur Finney (1905 - 1991)
Self-portrait by Studio Window, circa 1948
On Loan
Hubert Arthur Finney (1905 - 1991)
Sunset over Milwaukee, 1966
John Moody (1906 - 1993)
Brunswick Square
On Loan
Charles Mahoney (1903 - 1968)
Greenhouse Interior, 1930’s
Gerald Leet (1913 - 1998)
Yellow and Pink Lilies on a window ledge overlooking the sea, mid 30’s
David Evans (1929 - 1988)
The Dream, late 1960’s
Charles Mahoney (1903 - 1968)
Design for a shop interior, circa 1925
Hubert Arthur Finney (1905 - 1991)
Langford; view through a window – (second year composition)
Winifred Knights (1899 - 1947)
Study of Lineholt Farmhouse Facade, c. 1932
Denys Wells (1881 - 1973)
Shell damaged buildings Northern France, c.1918