Hidden Gems: Season Two

In anticipation of International Women’s Week

100 Pictures by Women Artists 

In anticipation of International Women’s Week (8th March) ModernBritishArtGallery are delighted to present 100 works by Women Artists with prices ranging from £100 to £1000. Featured Artists:  Claire Leighton, Viola Paterson, Marion Wallace Dunlop, Mary Adshead, Sarah Margaret Goldie, Winifred Knights, Kathleen Guthrie, Edith Lawrence, Olive Mudie-Cook, May Tremel, Marion Adnams, Catherine Olive Moody, Barbara Jones, Averil Mary Burleigh, Lillian May Bevis Rowles, Evelyn Dunbar….

Ever since Linda Nochlin asked in 1971,”Why have there been no great women artists?”, art history has been probing the female gaze. Through scholarship and exhibitions, readings have been put in place to counter prevailing assumptions that artistic creativity is primarily a masculin affair.
Women artists have been set apart from male artists not only to their own disadvantage but also to the detriment of British art as a whole. While there were some improvements for women to access an artistic career in the twentieth century in terms of patronage, economics and critical attention – all the things that confer professional status – women had the least of everything. A more inclusive version of British twentieth century art would not only provide a truer account but also a more vivid and meaningful narrative.

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Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

Clare Leighton (1898 - 1989)
Ellen and Her Children (BPL578), 1944