International Women's Day 2023: Women by Women

Liss Llewellyn has been dedicated to championing women artists for over 30 years. Our first monographic exhibition, in 1995, was on ‘Winifred Knights’ (1899-1947) at the British School in Rome. In 2022, we curated WOW: Women Only Works on Paper at Laing Art Gallery.  We have curated many monographic shows dedicated to women artists and we are especially proud of the role we have played in resurrecting the visibility of Evelyn Dunbar (1906-1960), Mary Adshead (1904-1995) and Valentine Dobrée (1894-1974) and contributing to the resurgence of interest in Women surrealists including Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988), Marion Adnams (1898-1995) and Paule Vézelay (1892-1984). Sacha Llewellyn’s touring museum exhibition, 50/50: Fifty British Women Artists, 1900-1950 marked a watershed moment in the reappraisal of 20th-century British Women artists. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Liss Llewellyn will be offering for sale 10 works by women artists which have never been offered for sale with 30 % of the proceeds going directly to the Helen Bamber Foundation, in recognition of their extremely courageous work in helping women and those who are most marginalised.

Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

Evelyn Gibbs (1905 - 1991)
Self Portrait – 1927
Rachel Reckitt (1908 - 1995)
Seated female nude, knitting
Evelyn Dunbar (1906 - 1960)
Seated Model with Hairstyle ‘à la poissarde’, circa 1931
Edith Granger-Taylor (1887 - 1958)
Self-portrait with Pig Tails, c.1920
Phyllis Ginger (1907 - 2005)
Self-portrait, circa 1937
Margaret Maitland Howard (1898 - 1983)
Female Nude, Seated, Three-Quarter Rear View, c.1920
Clare Leighton (1898 - 1989)
Hog-Killing Girl, aka After the Hog Killing, aka Woman Carrying Binbath, BPL 515 1942
Phyllis Dodd (1899 - 1995)
Portrait of a Young Woman (possibly Muriel Minter), early 1920s
Winifred Knights (1899 - 1947)
The Artist in a Dress of her own Design