Gavin Bone
(1903 - 1942)

Gavin David Bone, by Himself

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Signed, inscribed to reverse “Gavin David Bone by Himself (Painted on his return from 1? visit to Spain in a Cordoba hat bought there. M… Bone) 61

Oil on board

Literature: Llewellyn, Sacha, and Paul Liss. Portrait of an Artist. Liss Llewellyn, 2021, p.309.

Height – 34.3cm
Width – 26.6cm


Gavin Bone (1903-1942) was a poet, artist and Fellow of St John’s College, Oxford who specialised in Medieval English Language and Literature.  Whilst there is a general recognition of his talents  unfortunately he has been little studied and largely forgotten due to a number of factors, not least the sombre conditions of the posthumous publications of his works.  He will be the subject of a future publication by Charles Tolkien-Gillett.

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Bone, Gavin

1903 – 1942

GAVIN BONE was a fellow of St John’s College, Oxford, where he translated Anglo-Saxon poetry and taught English. He was also a distinguished artist and had exhibited at the Royal Academy. He was born in Chiswick in west London, the son of Sir Muirhead Bone, an artist, and Gertrude Helana Dodd, a writer. He was the brother of the artist Stephen Bone. 

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Gavin Bone (1903 - 1942)
Gavin David Bone, by Himself