Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)

Study for The Rest, 1956


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Pen and ink with white highlights, squared.

Height – 32cm
Width – 38cm

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Richards/Webb, Kingston University

This study is for one of Brill’s most celebrated paintings from his series ‘Martyrdom of Man’ – a group of ambitious oils that sought to elevate the everyday lives of fi- gures usually taken for granted by society. To add pathos ‘The Rest’ recalls Piero della Francesca’s Resurrection. As the winner of the Rome Scholarship in Deco- rative Painting for 1927 Brill developed both a high distinctive pointilliste drawing technique combined with a deep appreciation of Renaissance art and the traditio- nal manner of crafting compositions through a series of highly worked, and at times pattern-book style, preparatory drawings, where favourite studies are available to be reused again and again.

The Rest,  1956 (Tate -T07440)

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Reginald Brill
1902 - 1974

Artist in oil and watercolour and fine draughtsman of landscapes, figure studies and portraits. Born in London, Brill studied under Henry Tonks at the Slade School 1921-4 after a period at the St Martin’s School of Art. Won the Prix de Rome for painting and was at the British School in Rome 1927-9. Worked in Cairo, 1930. Exhibited at the RA, Leicester Galleries and in East Anglia, where he lived, at Lavenham. Was principal of Kingston School of Art. Wrote Modern Painting and Art as a Career. Kingston Polytechnic, the Royal Borough and the Phoenix Gallery organised a retrospective in Kingston in 1985, with another at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, 1999.


Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
Crumpled Newspaper, study for The Rest, 1956
Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
Study for The Rest, 1956
Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
The Breakfast Table
Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
Sketch for The Mayor Being Led by a Black-Ribboned Mace-Bearer circa 1939
Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
Boys playing cricket in an urban setting
Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
Angel, study for Adam and Eve
Reginald Brill (1902 - 1974)
Eve, Study for The Expulsion, 1927