Audrey Weber
(1898 - 1981)

The Studio, circa 1927

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Inscribed ‘A. Weber, 37 Queensgate’ in pencil on the stretcher,
Oil on canvas, 48 x 29 in. (122 x 73.7 cm.)

Height – 122cm
Width – 73.7cm


Provenance: private collection, London, since 1970

This painting possibly portrays Weber in her studio. As a poster artist and illustrator she would have habitually used the bottled powder paints and watercolour boxes depicted on the shelves. The figure’s short hairstyle, curling out at the sides of her velvet cloche hat which is pulled well down over her head, suggests a date of circa 1927. The figure is wearing an artist’s smock and practical laced shoes of the period.

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Weber, Audrey

1898 – 1981

Painter in oil and graphic designer. She exhibited extensively at the RA, the Society of Women Painters and the NEAC. She worked for Southern Region Railways as a poster designer and illustrator (see S.P.B. Mills, Hills of the South, 1939). In spite of her obvious ability, as yet surprisingly little is known about her.


Audrey Weber (1898 - 1981)
The Number 9 Bus, circa 1920
Audrey Weber (1898 - 1981)
The Studio, circa 1927