Autumn New Works

Liss Llewellyn are delighted to present ‘Autumn New Works’.

In this, our latest announcement of new acquisitions, we are thrilled to offer for sale a selection of museum-quality works, sourced from artists’ estates and private collections.

The selection features a number of striking portraits, including David Jagger’s (1891-1958) The Silk Scarf (a portrait of film and stage actress Irene Dineley), an early Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) portrait of his artist brother, Gilbert, as well as a sensitive portrait by Hilda Carline (1889-1950) of her mother, Anne, in profile, shortly after Anne herself had taken up painting. Other works show recreational activities – or apparatus relating to them, such as John Bulloch Souter’s (1890-1972) Still Life of Fishing Nets, Evelyn Dunbar’s (1906-1960) illustration for a gardening manual, or David Evans’ (1929-1988) sprawling watercolour of the Natural History Museum in London.

Evans’ work is among a number of postwar British works to feature, and this group also includes Kenneth Rowntree’s (1915-1997) playful picture of Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as Frank Auerbach’s (1931-) etched portrait of fellow artist and printmaker, Jake Tilson.

Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

Averil Mary Burleigh (1883 - 1949)
Self-portrait, 1928
Kenneth Rowntree (1915 - 1997)
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, 1956
Stanley Spencer (1891 - 1959)
Thatched Cottages, Durweston
Richard Carline (1896 - 1980)
Italian Alps, 1920
John Bulloch Souter (1890 - 1972)
Still Life of Fishing Nets and Floats by a Wall, c.1930
David Evans (1929 - 1988)
The Natural History Museum, London, circa 1983
Stanley Spencer (1891 - 1959)
Portrait of Gilbert
David Jagger (1891 - 1958)
The Silk Scarf, 1925
Hilda Carline (1889 - 1950)
Portrait of the Artist’s Mother, 1929
Frank Auerbach (1931-)
Jake 06
Averil Mary Burleigh (1883 - 1949)
The Troubadour, 1928
Evelyn Dunbar (1906 - 1960)
A diagrammatic explanation of trenching or double digging
Frank Brangwyn (1867 - 1956)
Beer Porters, Study for Lloyds Register of Shipping, circa 1910
Jacob Epstein (1880-1959)
Baby Asleep, c. 1904
Richard Carline (1896 - 1980)
Family Group, 1924
Marion Adnams (1898 - 1995)
Study for Harvest Moon and a Goblin, 1944