Hidden Gems Season Two: Portrait of an Artist

Most of our Liss Llewellyn’s projects in the last thirty years have involved working directly with artists studios – here, amongst the hundreds of works that have lain undisturbed, often hardly seen since the day they were created, images would occasionally stand out – often modest in size and not obviously works of importance, a scrap of paper would record the intense introspective self-gaze of an artist,  or a moment of intimacy that suggests the artist was in love with his subject – sous le charme – be it his or her future husband or wife,  model or children. After thirty years of assembling such works Liss Llewellyn will, in 2021, be unveiling an ambitious  exhibition and publication  – Portrait of an Artist – which will bring together a remarkable group of works which have in common one quality – the ability to transport the viewer momentarily back into the artist’s milieu.  

The works put online here for the first time are intended as a preview of our forthcoming initiative.

Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

Bernard Dunstan (1920 - 2017)
Interior: The Byam Shaw School
Douglas Percy Bliss (1900 - 1984)
Courbet and Baudelaire
John Singer Sargent (1856 - 1925)
Portrait of Albert de Belleroche
David Tindle (b. 1932)
Self-portrait in a Mirror
Charles Mahoney (1903 - 1968)
Self-portrait, late 1950’s
Douglas Stannus Gray (1890 - 1959)
Self-portrait Painting at an Easel Outdoors, 1920
Roger Hilton (1911 - 1975)
Self portrait, mid 1930’s
Jacqueline Pietersen (1899 - 1984)
Charles Cundall at Work, circa 1920
Frederick Austin (1902 - 1990)
The Artist Dreaming
William Strang (1859 - 1921)
Self portrait, 154
Hubert Arthur Finney (1905 - 1991)
Self Portrait, c.1960
Robert Austin (1895 - 1973)
Self-portrait in Roman Hat, circa 1925
Joseph Simpson (1879 - 1939)
Portrait of Frank Brangwyn at Work
Richard Carline (1896 - 1980)
Self-portrait, 1923
Donald Chrisholm Towner (1903 - 1985)
Portrait of Charles Mahoney (1903-1968), 1926