Hidden Gems Season Two: Portrait of an Artist

Most of our Liss Llewellyn’s projects in the last thirty years have involved working directly with artists studios – here, amongst the hundreds of works that have lain undisturbed, often hardly seen since the day they were created, images would occasionally stand out – often modest in size and not obviously works of importance, a scrap of paper would record the intense introspective self-gaze of an artist,  or a moment of intimacy that suggests the artist was in love with his subject – sous le charme – be it his or her future husband or wife,  model or children. After thirty years of assembling such works Liss Llewellyn will, in 2021, be unveiling an ambitious  exhibition and publication  – Portrait of an Artist – which will bring together a remarkable group of works which have in common one quality – the ability to transport the viewer momentarily back into the artist’s milieu.  

The works put online here for the first time are intended as a preview of our forthcoming initiative.

Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

Bernard Dunstan
Interior: The Byam Shaw School
Douglas Percy Bliss
Courbet and Baudelaire
John Singer Sargent
Portrait of Albert de Belleroche
David Tindle
Self-portrait in a Mirror
Douglas Stannus Gray
Self-portrait Painting at an Easel Outdoors, 1920
Roger Hilton
Self portrait, mid 1930’s
Jacqueline Pietersen
Charles Cundall at Work, circa 1920
William Strang
Self portrait, 154
Hubert Arthur Finney
Self Portrait, c.1960
Robert Austin
Self Portrait in Roman Hat, circa 1925
Joseph Simpson
Portrait of Frank Brangwyn at Work
Richard Carline
Self-portrait, 1923
Donald Chrisholm Towner
Portrait of Charles Mahoney (1903-1968), 1926