Thomas Monnington

Lawrence Gowing describes Monnington as a compositional master in the tradition of the great Tuscan and Umbrian fresco painters and quotes lohn Lessore, former pupil, as saying: ‘If anyone ever understood composition, he did, and so drawing, the volume and movement of which he explained geometrically, not in terms of measurement and surface realism: the appearance was always subordinate to the underlying structure… Every pencil mark tells us a bit more about this unique character, the extraordinary originality of his mind, every period of his life ñ the Slade. Italy, the early portraits and murals (House of Commons. Bank of England). the ceilings. the Stations of the Cross, the abstracts, every period makes its own contribution. Only in this way can we grasp the size of his mind and how it evolved and absorbed such an astonishing range of experience, art and life, all perfectly connected and related.

Works Featured in this catalogue

Sir Thomas Monnington
Design for the ceiling of the Mary Harris Memorial Chapel, (pale ground) University of Exeter, 1956