Commemorating World War I

Works FEATURED in this Exhibition

H. Scott Orr
The Theatreland Raid, 13th October 1915 – a set of six albumen prints
Margaret Wrightson
St George – the original maquette for Cramlington War Memorial, Northumberland, circa 1922
Alfred Kingsley Lawrence
First WW soldier with bandaged head, circa 197
Frank Brangwyn
Soldier Drinking Wine from a Bottle – Study for the Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg, 1921
Muirhead Bone
First Worldwar soldier, full length profile
German observation balloons recording the position of the Allied forces on the Somme
Stephen Bone
Study for Gas Workers
Rudolf Sauter
Soldier (believed to be a self-portrait), 1939
Ludovic-Rodolphe (RODO) Pissarro
Ludovic-Rodolphe (RODO) Pissarro
Back to the Land “Farming”
Auguste Gorguet
Fortunino Matania
Reception at India Office on the King’s Birthday, June 25th 1912
H. Scott Orr
The Theatreland Raid, 13th October 1915
Rene George Hermann-Paul
Les Hymnes Allies, 1917
Pierre Abadie-Landel
Les Joies du Poilu [The Pleasures of the Poilu], set of 6
Robert Austin
Springtime at Fulham, 1921
Ira L. Hill
Evangeline Booth – Salvation Army, circa 1919
Bert Thomas
Naval images of our Allies, circa 1914
Harold M. Brett
A Destroyer on a night time naval encounter, circa 1915
Percy Jowett
England, circa 1918
Robert Arthur Wilson
Colour Wheel, 1919