Art, Faith & Modernity

No account of 20th Century British art can overlook the numerous works of the period that were essentially ìreligiousî in their content. Art, Faith & Modernity examines this question in Paul Lissë and Alan Powersí essays and demonstrates the wide range of expression in more than 175 colour reproductions.

Anchored by Alan Powerís defining essay, Art Faith and Modernity presents a poignant argument ñ both visual and cerebral ñ for a reassessment of the important place that religious art continued to occupy in 20th century Britain. Art, Faith & Modernity is part of Liss Llewellynís on-going programme of exhibitions, produced in partnership with museums and cultural institutions, which seeks to reappraise some of the unsung heroines and and heroes of Modern British art.

Works Featured in this catalogue

Study for St Martin’s Altarpiece, Canterbury Cathedral, circa 1927

Jones, Glyn

The original cartoon for The Deluge, 1920

Knights, Winifred

Adoration of the Shepherds, (Winter), c.1942

Mahoney, Charles

Cartoon for Winter, circa 1921

Monnington, Sir Thomas

Study for Allegory

Monnington, Sir Thomas

Study for the Marriage at Cana, circa 1923

Knights, Winifred

Eve, Study for The Expulsion, 1927

Brill, Reginald

The Chapel, 1928

Gibbs, Evelyn

Self-portrait as an Auxiliary Fireman, c.1941

Potter, Frank

Figure study, St Martin’s altarpiece, circa 1928

Knights, Winifred

Hypnos, 1928

Halliday, Edward

England, circa 1918

Jowett, Percy

Altar (War and Peace), 1939

Halliday, Edward

Scenes from the Life of Christ: Preaching the Gospel, mid-1920s

Adshead, Mary

The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta, 1933

Ravilious, Eric

Man at WorkA Century of Technical and Social Progress, 1961

Jones, Barbara

Annunciation, circa 1960

Christie, Fyffe

Studies for St Amand and St Eloi ‘ windows in the Abbey St Andr’, Bruges

Brangwyn, Frank

Study for central panel of Nativity window, St Mary the Virgin, Bucklebury, Berkshire, early 1920’s

Brangwyn, Frank

Christ Derided, Nov 1942

Spear, Francis

St. George and the Dragon, 1941

Spear, Francis

Tower of Babel,1982

Evans, David

The Angel of Revelation, c.1925

MacLagan, Dorothea Frances

A point on the horizon line

Tunnard, John

Scene from the Book of Job, circa 1935

Blair, Helen

Margaret Sewell, 1927

Moody, John

Towers and Helmets, 1960’s

Reckitt, Rachel

Naked Man Dead, circa 1929

Gill, Eric

God’s Familiars, Earth is the Lord’s, Gods Familiar, BPL 764 1965

Leighton, Clare

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Mahoney, Charles

Madonna of the Adoring Angels, 1929

Borne, Daisy Theresa

Purim Party, circa 1934

Freedman, Barnett

Allegory of War, early 1940’s

School, English

Joseph in Prison, 1949-50

Dunbar, Evelyn

Study for Spring in the Cemetery, Uttoxeter Road, Derby, 1956

Adnams, Marion

The Weird Barrier, circa 1917

Milne, Arthur Edwards Hamish

Woodland Music, mid 1920’s

Farley, William

The Good Samaritan, c. 1920

School, English

Crucifixion, 1936

Giles, Catherine Dawson

Angel Playing Tubular Bells

Mahoney, Charles

How High the Heavens

Reckitt, Rachel


Dixon, Arthur Augustus

Charles Pears
Nocturne: A Ship and a Tug Boat
Charles Pears
Bristol Blenheim setting fire to German oil tanker, circa 1940