SANCTUARY: Artist-Gardeners 1919-39

Many of the artists in this catalogue had a particularly strong attachment to gardens and gardening ñ taking their activities as plantsmen and plantswomen as seriously as they took their art. Charles Mahoney shared his unbridled enthusiasm for plants with Edward Bawden, Geoffrey Rhoades, John Nash and Evelyn Dunbar who swapped cuttings with each other by post. Evelyn Dunbar, along with Charles Mahoney and John Nash, produced
books on the subject. And most of Harry Bushís oeuvre evolved around painting and repainting his garden in the London suburbs of SW19.

Works Featured in this catalogue

The Birthday Party, circa 1957

Mahoney, Charles

Suburban Garden – 1921

Horton, Percy

Landscape (1932)

Austin, Frederick

Study for the Committee Room of the London Bankers Clearing House, 1958

Clark, Jean

Walled Garden Amongst Kentish Orchards, early 1950’s

Mahoney [nee Bishop], Dorothy

Studies for watering can, mid 1930’s

Mahoney, Charles

Sketch for examination competition, People Seeking After Wisdom, March 1,1928

Sorrell, Alan

Cyprus Tree, study for The Appian Way, circa 1932

Sorrell, Alan

Falling Rain with Raised Flag

Rowntree, Kenneth

Putney Garden, 1960s

Rowntree, Kenneth

An Allegory of War, 1939-1945

Austin, Frederick

Geraniums in Barrel, 1970

Horton, Percy

The Reaper (BPL 221), 1933

Leighton, Clare

Woman scrubbing doorstep, 1924

Spear, Francis

Get behind the girl he left behind him Join the land army. circa 1918

Guenther, Lambert

Cotton Picker (BPL 491), Cotton Frontispiece, 1942

Leighton, Clare

The Magic of Handling Earth (BPL 488), By Light of Sun, circa 1941

Leighton, Clare

Springtime at Fulham, 1921

Austin, Robert

Land Workers at Strood, c. 1938 [HMO 762]

Dunbar, Evelyn

Tenerife Crate with Apples on a Wooden Chair, 1930s

Finney, Hubert Arthur

Semi-detached Villas, 1945

Garwood-Ravilious, Tirzah

Periwinkle flower study (Vinca species)

Nash, John

Planting Tabacco, BPL 565 1944

Leighton, Clare

Cinnamon Fern, BPL 508 1942

Leighton, Clare

Back to the Land “Farming”

Pissarro, Ludovic-Rodolphe (RODO)

Boy Scaring Crows, 1925

Bliss, Douglas Percy

In the Pentlands, oil on George Rowney Birchmore Board

Dodd, Phyllis

Study of a laurel bush, 1919

Monnington, Sir Thomas

Geraniums, circa 1890

Park, James Stuart

Profile portrait of a Navaho Indian, circa 1918

Armfield, Maxwell

The Bouquet, 1965

Evans, David

Landscape, circa 1950

Evans, David

Six Studies

Evans, David

Finnial decorations

Adshead, Mary

Tulip Petals

Sergeant, Carolyn

A Christmas Pudding, 1991

Sergeant, Carolyn

Still-life of Red Lily with Leopard Skin

Adshead, Mary

Self-portrait Painting at an Easel Outdoors, 1920

Gray, Douglas Stannus

The Shire Stallion, 1934

Tunnicliffe R.A., Charles Frederick

Portrait of Evelyn Dunbar

Cowling, Clara

Fetching Cannons

Bawden, Edward

Poster The Insect Play, The Strand Theatre, circa 1926

Spear, Francis

Study of Ophrys Bertolonii, commonly known as Bertoloni’s Bee Orchid, circa 1925

Knights, Winifred

Margaret Sewell, 1927

Moody, John

Study of bluebells for The Flight into Egypt, c.1938

Knights, Winifred

Sunflowers at Oak Cottage

Mahoney, Charles

Study of Blue Bells, circa 1937

Knights, Winifred

Study for Blue Bells, circa 1937

Knights, Winifred

The Window Box, 1954

Freedman, Barnett

Butterball Crab Apples on a plate, design for wall paper, circa 1924

Ravilious, Eric

Yellow and Pink Lilies on a window ledge overlooking the sea, mid 30’s

Leet, Gerald

Reigate and its Environments, late 1930’s

Duncan, Margaret

Preparatory study for Reigate and its Environments, late 1930’s

Duncan, Margaret

Naked Man Dead, circa 1929

Gill, Eric

Tulip Poplar Bud BPL 517 1942

Leighton, Clare

Study of a sunflower head, mid 1930’s

Mahoney, Charles

Greenhouse Interior, 1930’s

Mahoney, Charles

Studies of Helianthus ‘Miss Mellish’

Mahoney, Charles

Sheet of flower studies with Tulipa Eichleri

Mahoney, Charles

The Peculiar Park, Study for Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, Surrey, 1961

Armstrong, John