The Great War

This catalogue presents a view of the First World War through a multifarious record of two and three dimensional works of art: paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, reliefs, posters, postcards, photographs, silhouettes and ceramics appear in the following pages. The material has been grouped into 14 subsections under the general headings of Combat, The Home Front and The Aftermath. These groupings highlight the themes that inspired both the fine and popular arts, although some are looser in association than others, and none are mutually exclusive. The introduction gives a more general survey of the underlying factors that influenced or determined the visual responses to the First World War.†Although outside the remit of this catalogue, the accompanying exhibition includes other†wartime objects from the collection of David and Judith Cohen, including trench art, commemorative ware, sweetheart brooches, games, puzzles and miniatures.

Works Featured in this catalogue

Study for Coastal Operational Training Unit (Limavady, Northern Ireland), circa 1942

Cundall, Charles

Ambleside, View from the Library Roof, circa 1942

Mahoney, Charles

Lockheed Hudson, c.1942

Cundall, Charles

The Heart of the Empire: Our Finest Hour, 1940

Barry, Claude Francis

Monte Cassino, circa 1944

Barry, Claude Francis

Functions of Combat; Service of Supply, circa 1945

Cornwell, Dean

Gas Mask Drill (oval with sketch to top right), 1939

Mahoney, Charles

Street scene with children wearing gas masks, circa 1940

Mahoney, Charles

Digs at Ambleside, c.1940

Mahoney, Charles

Self-portrait as an Auxiliary Fireman, c.1941

Potter, Frank

The End of a Doodlebug, Hampstead Heath, 1945

Stephenson, John Cecil

Shell damaged buildings Northern France, c.1918

Wells, Denys

England, circa 1918

Jowett, Percy

May Morning, Putney Embankment, July 6th, 1939

Sorrell, Alan

Study for An Aerial View of a Wartime Airfield, circa 1942

Sorrell, Alan

Sketch for An Aerial View of a Wartime Airfield, circa 1944

Sorrell, Alan

Study for Watch Office, RAF Station, circa 1944

Sorrell, Alan

Study for Marching Gun Range and Rifle Range, RAF Station

Sorrell, Alan

Hero’s Widow, (the original plate) 1944

Austin, Robert

Portrait of J.A. Leach, of Messrs A V Roe of Manchester,1943

Horton, Percy

Portrait of a Knight of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, c.1930

Halliday, Edward

The Sinister Insect: The Dragon Fly, circa 1940

Sauter, Rudolf

An Allegory of War, 1939-1945

Austin, Frederick

Making dresses for the Red Cross, c. 1944

Allan, Rosemary

Altar (War and Peace), 1939

Halliday, Edward

An RE8 with a French Nieuport 27 fighter escort, circa 1916

Kelly, Lt Richard Barrett Talbot

A dug-out at Ovillers, 1918

Carline, Richard

Phantom Eyre, 1944

Sauter, Rudolf


Carline, Richard

Self-portrait, Ambleside, 1941

Mahoney, Charles

Calm in the Baltic, 1935

Cundall, Charles

Zeppelin in flames as seen through telescope from Southfields, September 3rd 1916.

Hunt, Walter

The Wind Tunnel – Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough, 1944

Jones, Barbara

Bomb damaged houses, Coventry, circa 1942

Humphrey, Peter

The Day War Broke Out , Mom 1939

Moody, Victor Hume

The British Restaurant at Acton, Middlesex, 1942

Rowntree, Kenneth

Milking Practice with Artificial Udders, 1940

Dunbar, Evelyn

Louis Bleriot flying the English Channel, 1909

Jones, Barbara

Looking towards Highbury, city of London on fire in background… night of april 16, 1941

Stephenson, John Cecil

Full size drawing for Winter Mine-Laying off Iceland, circa 1942

Bone, Muirhead

Church of St Martin, Ypres, 1918

Brangwyn, Frank

Study for Hipper at Kiel, c.1945

Cundall, Charles

A Destroyer on a night time naval encounter, circa 1915

Brett, Harold M.

Naval images of our Allies, circa 1914

Thomas, Bert

Shoot Ships to Germany and help America Win, 1917

Treidler, Adolph

Get behind the girl he left behind him Join the land army. circa 1918

Guenther, Lambert

An Appeal to You, April 1915

Leete, Alfred

Evangeline Booth – Salvation Army, circa 1919

Hill, Ira L.

Springtime at Fulham, 1921

Austin, Robert

Gunners passing burning buildings, illustration for The Sphere 26/5/1917

Matania, Ugo

Leaving the Munitions Works, 1919

Knights, Winifred

Shell Workers, 1918

Forbes, Stanhope Alexander

The Evening Signal, 1940

Sorrell, Alan

Les Joies du Poilu [The Pleasures of the Poilu], set of 6

Abadie-Landel, Pierre

Les Hymnes Allies, 1917

Hermann-Paul, Rene George

Il prend la poudre

Steinlen, Theophile Alexandre

France, 1917

Henderson, Keith

“Desolation” – Trenches North of Lens, 1919
Study for cover “The National Institute for the Blind” (B2910)

Brangwyn, Frank

Silence in Heaven, 1925

Carter, Frederick

Charles Pears
Nocturne: A Ship and a Tug Boat
Charles Pears
Bristol Blenheim setting fire to German oil tanker, circa 1940